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Don't be the smartest in the room. Hire them

'Arbo', or tree in the Esperanto language, reflects our deep roots in web3 development, and our commitment to contribute to the wider growth and awareness of blockchain technology.

It also represents our technical ability as a team, continually creating branches (projects) across various blockchain ecosystems.
Blockchain Specialists
Enterprise Grade
Our Story

Arbo Labs is made up of a team of seasoned technologists with a strong belief in a more decentralised world. Our mission is to build, educate and introduce the best in web2 to a more inclusive digital future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower brands to build a safer, more inclusive digital world. One where we can independently verify participation and reward safer, more efficient transactions.

Our Expertise

Our talented engineering team have over two decades of enterprise grade experience with some of the global technology leaders. This, combined with a clear understanding of cutting edge technology, has gained us a strong advisory position in the world of web3. 

Who are we

What we do


Enterprise Grade

The Arbo Labs team has a wealth of experience in developing scalable, enterprise grade solutions for some of the larger brands in the market. This has allowed us to position ourselves differently when selecting new talent, which in turn has given us a clear market edge when advising traditional web2 brands on a clear web3 strategy.


Arbo Labs is a professional software consulting firm based in Lisbon, Portugal with a strong global network, and a focus on Web3 product development - DLTs & blockchain and cryptocurrency related projects.

What we do

"Game changing find! Helped us deliver an awesome POC"

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Tel: (+351) 91 438 0175

Lisbon, Portugal

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